Television & Monitors

Are you having an issue with your TV or monitor? Don’t toss it to the curb and increase your electronic waste. Be green and let our team of expert technicians repair your unit. Most of the time it is a very minor issue, which we can repair for you quickly and save you hundreds of dollars at the same time.

The AAA Advantage Experience

  • We offer onsite and walk-in services
  • Our technicians provide repairs to a wide variety of makes and models
  • We provide professional service repairs to LED, LCD, Picture Tube, DLP, Plasma, HDTV,4K and projectors
  • Video wall color calibrations
  • Lamp replacements are available for all makes and models
  • We are not limited to the brands listed above
  • Common issues
    • No picture
    • No sound
    • No power/dead
    • Distorted Picture
    • Lines in the image
    • Color problem
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